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Online LIVE Classes

Only at₹60,000


*The discounted price will change to the original price ₹60,000 when the timer reaches 00:00:00

Jewellery Education Redefined.

Jewellery Education

The biggest collaboration in gems & jewellery education.

We proudly announce a transformative collaboration, launching online classes on Jewellery Design by Hand, Retail Merchandising in Jewellery, and the Diamond Graduate Program. This is just the beginning—more pioneering certified and accredited courses are on the horizon. Our united vision is not only to generate employment but also to elevate the jewellery industry to unparalleled standards of excellence. Together, we are forging a brighter future for the industry, cultivating a reservoir of talent and skilled professionals.


About IIG

Celebrating 58 illustrious years, the International Institute of Gemology (IIG) has consistently upheld unparalleled educational standards in the Gems and Jewellery sector. Established in 1965 by the visionary, Mr. Kantilal B. Desai, and now passionately led by his dedicated son, Mr. Rahul Desai, IIG remains an emblem of knowledge, innovation, and progression on a global scale.

Having sculpted over 100,000 professionals in this vibrant industry, IIG is more than just an educational establishment. It's a commitment to world-class education, groundbreaking research, and a thriving culture of intellectual exploration.

The IIG narrative is rich with achievements, academic excellence, and a pulsating quest for knowledge. Our esteemed faculty, diverse student community, and illustrious alumni continually redefine the horizons of innovation. Their invaluable contributions echo transformative impacts across the field.

Highlighting its global presence, IIG proudly collaborates with international institutions, including the De Beers Institute of Diamonds, Gem-A London, and Gemewizard. Partnerships with The Designer’s Class & Finestar Educational Institute further amplify its global resonance. Adapting and evolving, IIG remains an epitome of inspiration and innovation in the mesmerizing domain of Gems and Jewellery.

Diamond Graduate

About the Course

Diamond Graduate is a professional course that teaches you all about the polished diamond industry’s trade and exports, both locally and internationally. This course is perfect for people interested in diamonds and business. It’s organized into modules that cover the ’4 C’s of Diamonds.’ When you finish, you’ll earn a Diamond Graduate Diploma, which will help you start a successful career in the diamond industry.


  • Introduction to Diamond – Formation and Characteristics
  • Diamond 4C’s and Quality Assessment
  • Diamond Cut and its Impact on Brilliance
  • Assessing Diamond Color and its Grading
  • Clarity Evaluation and Inclusion Analysis
  • Carat Weight and its Relation to Size and Value
  • Diamond Certification and Laboratories
  • Real-world Applications and Trends
  • Live Classes Online
    Interactive Online Classes from 20 March 2024

Who Is The Course For?

Jewellery Enthusiasts

Those passionate about jewellery and diamonds seeking an in-depth understanding of their characteristics.

Gemologists or Jewellers

Professionals looking to enhance their knowledge and expertise in diamond evaluation, including the 4C’s and certification processes.

Retail Sales Professional

Those working in the jewellery industry who wish to better understand diamond quality and effectively communicate this information to customers.

Students or Researchers

Those pursuing studies or research in gemology or related fields would find this curriculum beneficial for foundational knowledge. Industry Professionals: Anyone working directly or indirectly in the diamond industry looking to stay updated on current trends and real-world applications in the market.

Career Opportunities

Our Mentors

Mr. Rahul Desai

Pioneering IIG’s vision, Mr. Rahul Desai effortlessly blends legacy with modern dynamism. Stepping into his father’s footsteps in 1965, Rahul’s influence has enriched over 25,000 aspiring talents in the Gems and Jewellery arena. A beacon of trust and guidance, he has propelled IIG’s growth, marking its footprint in 5 prime locations across India.

With his extensive insights into industry trends, diverse career avenues, and holistic education, Mr. Desai seamlessly bridges academia with industry practice. His affiliations, including his directorship at IBJA Skill Development Council and executive leadership at Finestar Educational Institute – Surat, accentuate his stature.

Rahul Desai is more than a title; he’s a visionary, an inspiration, and the heartbeat of IIG, crafting a legacy of brilliance and excellence in the vibrant Gems & Jewellery universe.

Mr. Anand Gusani

Anand Gusani brings to the table over a decade of profound and insightful experience in diamond grading, along with a demonstrated ability to supervise, train, and lead teams. He is Head of Department - Diamond at the International Institute of Gemology (IIG).

Passionate about achieving work goals, Anand is a dedicated professional with a keen aptitude for planning, communication, and implementation within the diamonds and gemstone industry. His outstanding success in people management, coordination, and enhancing organizational productivity attests to his prowess in these areas. Anand is also equipped with strong training delivery skills, specializing in Leadership Training, Goal Achievement, Time Management, Presentation Skills, and overall management expertise.

Diamond Graduate

Highlights & Delivery Mode

After successful completion of the course, students will receive a joint certification from the International Institute of Gemology, India Bullion and Jewellers Association Ltd and The Designer’s Class.

This course is exclusively available on www.thedesignersclass.com You will not find YouTube videos of the same content.

The course will be a 3 month course, with pre recorded study material , assignments and cap stone projects

This course includes 2 live classes per week, culminating in a total of 24 live classes throughout its duration. Each session offers uninterrupted interaction with the mentor.

Diamond Graduate Course Kit worth Rs. 3,500 will be provided for Free.


After successfully completing the course, students will receive a joint certification from, The Designer’s Class, International Institute of Gemology & India Bullion and Jewellers Association Ltd.




Get merit-based internship


DURATION - 3 MONTHS (With Internships)



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Know more

One of the key functions of retail business is SELLING, with the potential to make or break the company. Attaining maximum profit is the ultimate goal for any business organization, thus understanding your customer behavior is an integral part of any retailing. This course not only helps you learn about the jewellery.

DURATION - 3 MONTHS (With Internships)



*The discounted price will change to the original price ₹60,000 when the timer reaches 00:00:00

Know more

Welcome to the captivating journey of “Jewellery Design by Hand.” This comprehensive course is your gateway to the artistry of crafting exquisite jewellery from scratch

Classes will be Live + Prerecorded , along with Assignments , Assessments and Joint Certification from IIG, TDC & IBJA



“Diamond Graduate Online has been a transformative experience led by the talented Anand Gusani at IIG. The collaboration with The Designer’s Class enhanced my skills beyond expectations. The triple certification is a huge advantage for my career. Truly a gem in online education!”


“Anand Gusani’s course, Diamond Graduate Online, is a masterclass in jewellery design. The partnership with The Designer’s Class brings a holistic approach. I’m grateful for the insights gained. It’s a brilliant journey to professional growth!”


“Enrolling in Diamond Graduate Online was the best decision. Anand Gusani’s expertise shines through every lesson. I feel equipped and inspired. Thank you!”

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Only at₹60,000


*The discounted price will change to the original price ₹60,000 when the timer reaches 00:00:00

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