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Fashion Design Courses

Fashion design is considered as the most popular design specialisation among students and individuals of all ages. Every year, thousands of individuals enrol themselves in fashion design courses across the globe to become successful fashion designers. If you are looking for a career in fashion design, then you have landed at the right place as The Designer's Class is your one-stop solution. We offer the most creative online fashion design courses for beginners.

Within a decade, the fashion industry has grown exponentially. To build up your career in this field, you must select the right digital education platform offering fashion designing courses online. However, before enrolling in the course, it is essential to know some crucial aspects of the course. Although fashion design and textile design are connected, there are still a lot of differences between them. Fashion designing is related to creating clothes as well as lifestyle accessories, while textile designing helps students in creating structures and designs for knitted, woven, printed fabrics or ornamental fabrics.

Improve Your Fashion Design Skills With Industry Experts

The extension of a person's attitude, identity, and overall personality define an individual's fashion. Therefore, a fashion designer's role has become a desirable profession in the 2.5 trillion dollar fashion industry, where there is an ever-increasing demand for professionals who can create innovative and unique designs and trends. The online fashion designing courses will provide you with a contextual, intellectual and cultural grasp of fashion, allowing you to create a strong niche in a competitive industry at the best fashion designing course fees.

The experts in our designing class bring a blend of professional and academic experience to provide you with the right skills at a fashion designing course with affordable fees so that you can become a market-ready professional. Begin your journey of design with us by exploring the fantastic skill sets of industry experts.

Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla

If you want to learn the beginner-level fashion course, you can choose Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla’s fashion design. It consists of 7 courses, including fashion foundation-l, fashion foundation-ll, Indian ethnic couture, and more. While comprehending the history of Indian fashion, the course will guide the learner through the art of garment construction and pattern making. For beginners who are willing to start their journey into the world of fashion, the course offers an informative and systematic section-wise learning approach.

Masaba Gupta

The Masaba Gupta fashion design course is a beginner-level course with 12 assignments and is all about what advanced design schools are looking for. You will learn in-depth about a systematic approach by organising and developing a portfolio that will help you observe and present the design ideas. Fashion forecasting, textile design, fashion entrepreneurship, and portfolio design are different courses for learners.

Kunal Rawal

Offering courses from beginner to intermediate level, Kunal Rawal's fashion design provides in-depth knowledge of streetwear design, drafting and construction of menswear, and decoding men's ethnic wear. These courses are tailored to help young designers to develop and design a contemporary, multi-dimensional unique approach to fashion. Each of the lessons is provided with different sets of multiple-choice questions that can help in evaluating the learning approach of students while identifying their strengths and weakness.

Rhea Kapoor

The Rhea Kapoor Fashion Design offers a beginner-level course along with 12 assignments. The lessons on how to build a fashion brand and urban wear and street style give you real-time insights to experience the art of creating a fashion brand, right from understanding the market and developing a product along to the market and strategising its sales.

Tanya Ghavri

The most potent look maker in Bollywood, Tanya Gharvi, is an alumna of Parsons School of Design, NewYork. Offering a beginner-level course in celebrity styling provides you with an understanding of styling concepts used to curate and craft looks based on body types, face, shape and colour.

Arpita Mehta

With a creative vision, Arpita Mehta is best known for her contemporary take on ethnic wear. But, unlike many, she gathers inspiration from her travel so that her collection has a global appeal. Offers beginner- to intermediate-level courses, including technical fashion illustration and advanced portfolio. The course supports a workbook that offers tasks and exercises to develop competency as a fashion illustrator.

Payal Singhal

Offering beginner-level courses with approximately seven assignments, Payal Singhal has grown up in an environment steeped in fashion, art and films as she hails from a design family. The courses fashion fundamentals and drafting and construction-womenswear introduce various perspectives on the fashion of history, art, culture, and business.

Jayanti Reddy

Offering a beginner’s level course with eight assignments, Jayanti Reddy is the “conscious designer” in the world of fashion. She is the powerhouse for naturally dyed, hand-woven ensembles, and her lesson on sustainable design teaches you about sustainable practices in the fashion industry and their impact on society, crafts and arts, etc.

Why Choose The Designer’s Class for Fashion Designing Courses?

At The Designer’s Class, the fashion designing course online enables working professionals and students to upskill while working or studying full-time. Our online fashion designing courses are self-paced, which means you can take your valuable time and look at the recordings of our video lectures at your own pace to enhance your fashion skills. The design programs offered by abroad institutes can ultimately cost you more due to the cost of living. Hence, candidates can take advantage of this situation as we offer the best competitive fashion designer course fees.

We are the premium digital education platform focusing on designs. With us, go beyond learning wherever you go and whenever you want. Here are some of the reasons to consider The Designer’s Class for fashion design courses:

Learn from industry experts:

We provide a plethora of design courses driven by industry experts like Gauri Khan, Rhea Kapoor, Abujaani Sandeep Khosla and many more. Learning from industrial experts provides a lot of information and first-hand knowledge to have the right skills and expertise.

Internships with the Designers:

At The Designer’s Class, the fashion designing courses offer our students to explore their potential by providing internship opportunities with industry experts. Candidates will also encounter internship opportunities driven by the best and most well-known creative industry figures and businesses. We work efficiently to ensure that our candidates make the best and most precise decisions to succeed in their careers.

Watch Professionally Curated Videos:

With video lectures, you can learn all the aspects of designs at your own pace. We provide a cost-effective training approach with the most superficial and practical learning experience.

Available in several languages:

Language is no more a barrier if you wish to learn design at The Designer’s Class, as we provide the recording of our courses in two different languages, English and Hindi.

While pursuing the course with us, candidates get opportunities to learn and explore from the top-class instructors. We have the best and most experienced instructors and teachers for the fashion design course. It is the best option for candidates who are creative and artistic as the course is associated with many career opportunities.

Best Interior Designing Courses

Interior design involves the process of planning layouts for all the indoor and outdoor spaces- workspaces, homes, and public places with special consideration for safety, health, function and ambience. The online interior design courses provide you with an understanding of building codes and structural requirements while providing you with a deep knowledge of textiles, space planning and complimentary colours.

A professional interior design course in India will help you in gaining practical knowledge in creating and managing design projects through running your own interior design business. Interior designers bring colour and life to dull spaces and interior design courses will help you to learn the basics of transforming a humble room into a showstopper. The Designer’s Class is the home to the best interior designing courses, associated with Gauri Khan Designs. It is an organic evolution born out of a passion for unique designs, creative spaces and many more.

We welcome ambitious and hardworking candidates from all backgrounds and age groups to learn how to choose colour schemes, select and arrange furniture and accessorize things like a pro. Aiming to find new inspiration for future endeavours, we have online sessions with experienced designers who are industry experts. We offer a wide range of online courses ranging from beginner level to intermediate level.

Upskill Your Interior Designing Skills With The Designer’s Class

Interior design is one of the most exciting, creative, unique and glamorous professions but it requires continuous hard work and effort to put your work into your craft. A career in interior design can be gratifying and it will allow you to follow your passion creatively and uniquely. As the industry is huge and is growing exponentially, you can pursue a career by choosing the best interior designing courses. In order to be successful, individuals who pursue a career with the interior designing course do need specific skill sets.

Here is the list of basic skill sets which you can acquire from our online interior design courses:

A Creative Eye And Attention To Basic Detail

First and foremost, you have to be highly innovative and creative as there are a lot of variations. You are expected to design dull and boring spaces into extraordinary ones for all sorts of clients. With our online interior design courses, you can focus on every little detail and the big picture simultaneously and could craft cohesive spaces for clients.

Trend Identification

As we are aware that trend comes and goes, but as an interior designer you need to stay ahead of the curve. With our industry experts, you will be able to identify and predict the trend which in turn will help you to stay relevant and in demand.

Knowledge of Sustainable Practices

Nowadays it has become more common for clients to demand eco-friendly features. However, you need to have proper knowledge of these desirable features and technologies and we offer you the best sustainable practices for designing. Our interior design course fees are comparatively the best in the markets.

Superior Communication

As an interior designer, you need to have excellent communication skills which can help you to communicate your vision to your clients. We provide internship opportunities within the interior design course fees in which you will get exposure to work with industry professionals who will be responsible for carrying out your designs.


An ideal interior designer must be extremely organized so that the projects can be completed on time and within budget. Designers should have knowledge of planning everything according to the budget and the trend.

Now that we have looked at the basic skill sets acquired by an interior designer, let us look at what we offer in the designing courses through our premium digital education platform which focuses on designs:

Meet Your Instructor: The Interior Design Expert

Gauri Khan

Gauri Khan the celebrity interior designer is a “ravenous learner.” Khan, a self-taught interior designer who’s been designing the homes of many Bollywood stars for years has shared her knowledge and experience, as well as her own journey in the industry on the new innovative digital platform The Designer Class. Integrating her elegant and sophisticated style matching her client's ethos, Gauri creates luxurious spaces which are persuasive, imaginative and inviting. With all her experience, comes elegance, and Khan brings just that to her Designer’s Class.

With six different beginners level courses and several assignments, Gauri Khan Designs brings design education that shapes the new era of interior design. It inspires and educates the youth generation and the course is also equipped with the right skills to succeed. Start your designing journey with the industry experts offering courses like introduction to interior design, residential design, corporate design, retail design, restaurant design, and lighting. The course offers a beginner's guide to studying the basic aspects of interior design.

Why Choose The Designer’s Class For Interior Designing Courses?

Choosing The designer’s class online interior design courses can be a life-changing decision as designing today is the most fascinating choice for building a successful career. Unlike others, it is a challenging and creative profession in which you will never get bored. In our interior designing course, we offer a plethora of opportunities to the candidates like internship opportunities with industry experts. We are the first digital education platform which brings you a blend of design courses. Our passion defines the mission and vision of design and we firmly believe that design is for everyone.

Learn At Your Own Pace:

Self-paced learning is a superb way for learners to learn and acquire specific skills in their own space. It has numerous advantages as self-learning significantly improves memory performance compared to the traditionally controlled condition of learning.

Animated Presentations:

Learning with the Designer’s Class has become easier as in our interior design course in India we provide animated presentations so that the candidates can visualise the subjects for a better and clear understanding. It results in effective learning and improves engagement. Animated presentation motivates individuals to learn more and focus more on a particular topic.

Demonstration Videos:

Demonstration videos adds life to the e-learning course by making the course interactive, effective and engaging. Our interior design course offers videos which enhance the learner's engagement and participation and it is also a cost-effective timing approach. Candidates are provided with a simpler and practical experience of learning.

Interactive Projects:

Our design course offers a lot of learning benefits as there are numerous assignments and sets of multiple-choice questions at the end of every lesson to check the skills of individuals. Interactive projects help in developing real-life skills by supporting different learning styles.

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