Midjourney Workshop

Day: 16th March 2024(Sold Out)
Next Batch: 23rd March 2024
Time: 2 pm - 5 pm
Duration: 3 hrs

Midjourney Workshop

Day: 16th March 2024(Sold Out)
Next Batch: 23rd March 2024
Time: 2 pm - 5 pm
Duration: 3 hrs

About the Programme

This comprehensive course is designed for individuals passionate about art, offering an immersive experience in AI image generation. Discover your artistic potential and elevate your skills to create professional AI art that not only captivates but also opens doors to exhibition and sales opportunities.

Whether you’re a seasoned artist looking to integrate AI into your practice or a newcomer eager to explore the cutting edge of creative technology, the Midjourney Course is your gateway to AI artistry. Join us and turn your artistic visions into a reality that resonates with audiences worldwide.

What are the takeaways?

Platform Familiarity:

Acquire proficiency in navigating Midjourney and utilizing Discord for effective communication within the community.

Subscription Mastery:

Understand and evaluate various Midjourney subscription plans, selecting the most suitable for individual needs.

Configuration Expertise:

Gain competence in configuring Midjourney settings and working with different versions of the platform.

Prompt Engineering Skills:

Develop foundational skills in generating AI art through prompt engineering, encompassing style, artist, emotion, age, colour, and environment.

Command Proficiency:

Master the usage of Midjourney commands to optimize the AI image generation process.

Image Variation Techniques:

Explore diverse image variation options, including upscaling, varying regions with Remix Mode, and dynamic panning and zooming.

Image Modification and Enhancement:

Learn techniques for modifying and enhancing AI-generated images to meet specific artistic preferences.

Deriving Images Creatively:

Acquire the ability to derive unique AI-generated images from existing ones, fostering creative exploration.

Face Swapping Proficiency:

Gain expertise in swapping faces within existing images using AI technology.

Advanced Prompt Engineering:

Delve into advanced prompt engineering, covering multi-prompts, permutation prompts, and considerations related to photography and lighting.

Image Blending Mastery:

Learn the art of blending multiple images seamlessly to create sophisticated AI-generated compositions.

AI-Powered Prompt Generation:

Utilize AI capabilities for prompt generation, exploring the intersection of technology and creativity.

What are the takeaways?

AI Art Mastery:

Acquire proficiency in creating professional AI art using Midjourney.

Exhibition-Ready Creations:

Produce artworks suitable for exhibition and potential commercial sale.

Comprehensive Platform Knowledge:

Master Midjourney’s features, settings, and versions for optimized AI art creation.

Creative Exploration Hub:

Explore diverse prompt engineering techniques and advanced image manipulation for artistic expression..

Community Connection:

Engage with a supportive network of learners and artists through Discord for collaborative growth.

Photography Integration:

Understand the synergy of AI and photography to create visually striking AI art pieces.

Career Opportunities:

Showcase AI art skills for potential opportunities in creative industries, exhibitions, and online platforms.

Versatile Art Applications:

Apply skills to derive, modify, and enhance images, providing a diverse toolkit for artistic expression.

Face Swapping Proficiency:

Gain expertise in swapping faces within existing images using AI technology.

Enhanced Marketability:

Boost marketability by incorporating AI-generated art into portfolios and establishing a unique artistic identit

Continuous Growth:

Stay relevant in the dynamic field of digital artistry with ongoing learning of evolving AI art trends and technologies.

Who is the Mentor?

About the

Brendan Dias

Brendan Dias, a seasoned photographer and educator with over 15 years of experience, is renowned for his exceptional skills, recognized with the Landscape Photographer of the Year 2014 Trophy from the Photographic Society of India. Specializing in Landscape, Travel, Realistic HDR, and Wedding photography, his diverse portfolio tells captivating visual stories. Beyond photography, Brendan’s expertise extends into AI, IT, and Digital Asset Management, offering a holistic understanding of the digital domain.

With over 30 years in training, he simplifies intricate concepts, conducting comprehensive photography courses and teaching photo editing with top-notch companies like Pepsico Foods International and Banco Santander. Brendan’s teaching style infuses humour and a light-hearted approach, creating an engaging atmosphere.

He inspires photographers and enthusiasts, nurturing a passion for photography and AI digital artistry, ensuring each student unleashes their creative potential. Connect with Brendan Dias for a transformative journey in photography, where learning is an adventure, and creativity knows no bounds.


Delivery Mode

It will be 3 hours Interactive live class. 2 hours of live session & 1 hour of live Q & A
This Live Class will be recorded and the recording link will be shared with you.
After you enroll, you will receive a link to access our Learning Management System, through which you will attend the class.
You will get a certificate of completion from The Designer’s Class.
The Designers Class

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