The Art of Shoe Making

Step into the world of shoemaking and footwear design with our specialised courses. Discover the art and craft of shoemaking through hands-on experience and expert guidance.

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About the course

Ready to lace up your shoemaking skills? Our course is the perfect fit, from mastering tools to creating head-turning kicks. Slip into the evolution of shoe styles, sketch-like a design pro, and unlock a career path with serious traction! Strap in for this sneakerhead journey, mould your creativity like a last and step into a future where every shoe design is a step ahead. Let’s lace it up – success starts from the ground up!

Pre - Recorded Course


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This course includes:

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  • Presentations
  • Downloadable Resources
  • Access on Mobile and Tablet
  • One Year Access
  • Certificate of Completion


You will receive a certificate of completion from The Designer’s Class signed by the mentor Karan Berry

Who should join the course?

  • Aspiring footwear designers.

  • Individuals passionate about fashion and footwear.

  • Creative minds with an interest in design ideation.

  • Those eager to explore the art and science of shoe design.

  • Fashion enthusiasts looking to delve into style lines and elements for various shoes.

  • Individuals aspiring to understand the considerations for women’s shoe design.

  • Anyone keen on mastering the skills and techniques essential for successful footwear design.




Shoe Making

Pre - Recorded Course



    Introduction to Shoemaking

    Tools and Materials

    Evolution of Shoes and Types

    Basics of Shoemaking: Last

    Bespoke Shoemaking: Ideation & Sketching

    Shoe Design Considerations

    Important Elements of Shoemaking


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Karan Berry
Creative and Artist Director
( Diverse Portfolio), Footwear designer from (London College of Fashion), Educator, Mentor, Head Designer for Karleo, Creative Director, Public Speaker, Career counsellor, Panellist, Home stylist, Writer.

Karan Berry’s initial fascination with design broadened before succumbing to the allure of fashion. Following participation in diverse fashion projects, he pursued a postgraduate diploma in fashion. Having ventured into menswear and visual merchandising with an export company, Karan spent four years at Spykar Jeans. Concurrently, he independently crafted bridal trousseau, nurturing a penchant for footwear design. His trajectory led him to the London College of Fashion for an Advanced Diploma in Cordwainers Footwear Design.

Returning to Mumbai, he consulted for Spykar Jeans and Tata International’s Taashi footwear line. This period laid the foundation for AKA Bespoke, a brand co-created by Karan.

Engaging in postgraduate studies in Aesthetics, he collaborated with educational institutes like Symbiosis and SNDT, and served as Creative Director for Being Human Clothing. Currently, as National Creative Director for Force IX, specializing in athleisure wear with Akshay Kumar, and Creative Director for The Designer’s Class, he embraces varied design challenges.

Karleo, a collaborative venture with Leon Vaz, seamlessly blends bespoke footwear and couture. Karan envisions a brand built on enduring values, prioritizing quality over quantity in both products and services. In 2019, he launched Mr. Berry, embodying sustainable and reusable principles across fashion, interiors, and accessories through recycling and upcycling. This venture, rooted in design principles, began as a blog, weaving observations, details, skill sets, and love into a narrative of style, fashion, and lifestyle.

Career Opportunities

  • 1. Footwear Designer: Use your skills to design and create footwear, working with fashion brands or starting your line.
  • 2. Pattern Maker:Develop patterns for footwear production, ensuring accurate and effective designs.
  • 3. Cobbler/Repair Specialist: Repair and restore shoes, working independently or for a shoe repair business.
  • 4. Production Manager: Oversee the manufacturing process of shoes, ensuring quality and efficiency in production.
  • 5. Custom Shoemaker: Craft bespoke shoes tailored to individual preferences and measurements.
  • 6. Footwear Technician: Work with technical aspects of shoemaking, such as material selection, construction techniques, and quality control.
  • 7. Entrepreneur: Start your own shoemaking business, creating and selling unique footwear designs.
  • 8. Footwear Merchandiser: Manage the buying and selling of shoes, working with retailers or in the fashion industry.
  • 9. Brand Consultant: Provide expertise on footwear trends, materials, and design for fashion brands.
  • 10. Teaching/Training: Share your knowledge by becoming an instructor in shoemaking courses or workshops.



“Enrolling in the introduction to the shoemaking course with Karan Berry as a mentor was an absolute game-changer. His wealth of experience and genuine passion for the craft elevated the course to new heights. Karan’s mentorship provided invaluable insights, encouraging creativity and attention to detail. His guidance not only refined my technical skills but also instilled a deep appreciation for the art of shoemaking. I feel well-prepared to embark on a career in this industry, and I credit much of my success to Karan’s mentorship. An enriching experience that exceeded my expectations!”


“Studying shoemaking with Karan Berry as my mentor was an incredible journey. His expertise and dedication to nurturing talent made the course truly exceptional. Karan’s hands-on approach, combined with insightful feedback, allowed me to grasp the intricacies of shoemaking with confidence. His industry insights and real-world experiences were invaluable, providing a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities in the field. I am grateful for the mentorship of someone as accomplished as Karan, and I now feel equipped to pursue a fulfilling career in shoemaking.”


“Karan Berry’s mentorship during the introduction to shoemaking course added immeasurable value to my learning experience. His commitment to fostering creativity and technical excellence was evident in every session. Karan’s ability to blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design principles inspired me to push my creative boundaries. The personalized guidance and industry anecdotes shared by Karan not only enriched the course content but also provided a realistic view of the professional landscape. I am confident that Karan’s mentorship has laid a solid foundation for my journey into the world of shoemaking, and I highly recommend this course to anyone looking for a mentorship-driven learning experience.”

Pre - Recorded Course



*The discounted price will change to the original price when the timer reaches 00:00:00.*

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